Targeted to businesses who want to enhance individual, team or organisational success, Performance Plus+ is a business improvement program which takes the principles and practices of the biggest sporting club in the country and applies them to your organisation. All programs are specifically tailored for your organisation and professionally facilitated by an executive coach.

MSE Events Group in conjunction with the Collingwood Football Club has put together a truly memorable football experience at the biggest sporting club in the country.

Programs are typically conducted in the Holden Centre (home of the Collingwood Football Club) which is a State of the Art High Performance Training Facility dedicated to enhancing the performance of Collingwood. Holding the day at such a superb venue sets the right tone and environment for this unique experience.

The day itself incorporates industry leaders such as new senior Coach Nathan Buckley, Chief Executive Officer Gary Pert, Director of Football Neil Balme and High Performance Manager Bill Davoren. Areas that are covered throughout the day include topics such as the Essence of Leadership, creating a High Performance Culture and building High Performance Teams.

We have designed the program to be not only memorable and motivational but also with a strong educational element. We want people to walk away with a clearer understanding as to how their organisations can get closer to fulfilling their innate performance potential.

Key Features of the Program include:

  • Performance Workshops
  • Team Building and Leadership Seminars
  • Executive Coaching
  • Adventure Experiences
  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Room Lunches
  • Speaking Engagements    


* Please note that MSE Events Group runs a similar program through the Hawthorn Football Club.